Accountability on every level within our organization from senior management through every department down to the cleaning staff is paramount to our success. We take full responsibility and ownership for everything that occurs in a client’s space after hours. We know that the quality of cleaning in your facility is directly related to the quality of our supervisors assigned to your facility. At QBM, accountability begins and ends with our supervisors.

We have said for years, “If we can be successful at communication, we can be successful at what we do.” To this end, QBM assigns a Client Relationship Specialist to your facility. We will conduct individual, monthly face-to-face visits with every tenant in every facility we clean. Customer comments are reported and copies sent to the property managers, facility management, building owners and the QBM operations team for follow up. In the event of an emergency, our Call Center is available to all customers 24/7.

At QBM, we believe that successful customer relationships are directly related to the accountability of our people to industry-specific education, training and oversight.