Quality…it’s the first word in our name. Quality Assurance at QBM begins long before we ever step foot in your facility to clean. The first step in our Quality Assurance Program is the hiring process. We look for individuals with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. Our associates are badged, uniformed, and must complete an extensive training program which focuses on area-specific cleaning. Supervisors conduct regular on-the-job associate performance audits as part of our Quality Assurance Program.

There are 2 operational phases to the QBM Quality Assurance Program for your facility:
the Cleaning Phase and the Checking Phase. The foundation of our company centers on our consistent approach of inspecting your facility, corner-to-corner, every night by a supervisor.

There can be no real Quality Assurance without the right structure and systems to support. We have a strong internal organization to make sure we deliver. Starting with our hiring standards through our operations, we are committed to quality within your facility. We regularly verify our quality performance in your facility through our customer relationship management systems and follow-up.